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How to Become a Computer Engineer in a few months with A+ Certification

In this era of technologies, the A+ certification holders gain more popularity in all other fields. They prove helpful and problem solvers because they support novel technologies extending from security to networking. It aids in modulating the IT careers in this digital world. 

The A+ Certification allows you to be aware of the functionality of hardware, computer systems and networks. If you are new, then you should first know in short. It is an entry-level qualification in IT. 

What is A+ Certification?

If you want to become a computer engineer in few months with A+ Certification, you need to know essential things. The A+ Certification involves a couple of exams in series known as 220-1001 and 220-1002. Both these exam series cost approximately US $232. In this way, the total cost reaches up to $464. 

It will test your understanding of networking, data and hardware, operating system, security and help desk services. If you are interested in taking part in an A+ practice test, you can prepare it as many training programs are available.

A+ Certification

These include CompTIA CertMaster Learn for A+ Core 1 and Google IT Support Professional Certificate. You can get successful consequences in the end. In the end, many job opportunities will open up for you. 

Which Skills You Validate and Master with A+ Certification:

By holding A+ Certification, you can learn these nine skills, which involve:


It involves recognition, utilizing and connecting hardware devices and components. Additionally, it involves understanding various devices which are compulsory for the support of the remote workforce. 

Operating System: To support and install Windows OS, which involves client support and command line. Operating system troubleshooting and configuration for Chrome OS, Mac OS, Linux OS and Android. 

Software Troubleshooting:

Mobile device problem and Troubleshooting PC including security threats, malware and OS. 

Networking: It explains the connections and networks type, including TCP/IP, WiFi and SOHO. 

Troubleshooting: It involves troubleshooting network problems and real-world devices efficiently and swiftly. 

Security: Recognize, understand and take safety measures against threats and viruses for devices and networks. 

Mobile Devices:

After installing and configuring mobile devices and other laptops while supporting the applications to ensure the user’s connectivity. 

Cloud Computing and Virtualization: 

Contrast and compare cloud computing concepts. It  also involves the set-up of client virtualization.

Operational Procedures:

It involves the layout of best practices for environmental impacts, safety, professionalism and communication. 

Where can an Individual use A+ Certification?

The Individual with A+ Certification can get job opportunities in known companies. These involve: 

Jobs that Require A+ Certification:

There are many types of jobs that require A+ Certification as primary. These involve:

Final Words:

So, these are how you can become a computer engineer with A+ Certification. If you hold this degree, you are eligible to apply to your dream organizations mentioned above. If you go through the entire blog, you know what A+ Certification is and what it requires. 

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